Yadavs & Aheers in Hyderabad

Shree Yadav (Aheer) Samaj, has been residing from the past 400 years in this historical city of Hyderabad. It is presume that our ancestors have arrived to this city from mathura & vrindavan the city of temples in north India and settled here. They made this city as their home.

Yadav (Aheer) community (samaj) history has always been respectable on the basis of our hard work knowledge, power, intelligence & experience, our community holds an important position in the city of Hyderabad this is a live example of our unity and integrity……… such a respectable community is being guided lead by respectable elders. The community has been progressing everyday under the able management (panch) & experienced leadership of the family's.

Yadav & aheer is a dynamic, innovative and growing community. In the past few years, local communities have experienced an increase in population, development and new businesses. To continue this momentum, a Community Growth Strategy has been developed.

The Community Growth Strategy captures economic growth from two perspectives;
1.) Education
2.) Community Services

It also has two primary goals
Goal 1 – Proper education to a new generation
Goal 2 – Aid for the community services.