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Yadavs & Aheer's have been a catalyst of change throughout the history of Bharat varsh. There is 46 generations of Yadavs & Aheer's. Some of the generations do not have detailed descriptions except for the names of the Kings.

Aheers, Yadavs or Yadavas are to be met with throughout the country. Although the Aheers and Yadavas form one group, The Yadava contribution to the composite culture of India
The Aheers of Mathura and Bajra regions were known to be peace loving cowherds whereas the Abhirs of Haryana and Mahendergarh, who later on became to be called as Aheers, were powerful and accomplished warriors.

They also know as

  • Yaduvanshis
  • Vishnu vanshi
  • Somavanshi Kshatriyas.
  • Yadav / Yadavs / Yadavas
  • Aheer / ahir / Abhiras
  • Gujar Nandvanshi
  • Gope / Gopal /Gopas
  • Ghoshals / Gawall / Gowali / Gola
This web site is dedicated to all the Yadavs & Aheer's around the globe. the mission of Yadavs & Aheer's page is to be a complete, one stop resource center for Yadavs & Aheer's community at large Helping non profit organizations, helping unprivileged society, people who want to volunteer to make a different in this world

This website is dedicate to all Yadavs & Aheer's in India & globe.

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